Within the past years, the world has faced severe climatic change caused by global warming. Temperature rise in the earth’s atmosphere results in increased sea level. If businesses take no step, it will be horrific for humanity, as more people will face extreme poverty. The catastrophe is caused by irresponsible companies that keep polluting the environment, causing significant geopolitical and health concerns.

Businesses can take the following steps to rectify the problem of climate change:

Build a climate-positive team.

Businesses can appoint a climate sustainability team led by a chief sustainability officer. The team will have a duty to develop a framework that will see the business move towards becoming climate-positive. The team may work on a freelance or in-house basis and develop sustainability initiatives to make the business practices more eco-friendly.

Adoption of modern renewable sources of energy.

Businesses should revert to using renewable energy sources to avoid polluting the environment. Sources of power that lead to carbon emissions to the environment should not find use in industries. Businesses must stop using diesel-propelled engines and revert to machines that use solar energy and electric power.

Reduction of waste and obsolescence disposal.

Businesses can reduce climate footprint by reducing their waste and obsolescence disposal. Whether small or large, every company produces wastes, either as industrial effluent or paper waste. Businesses should use re-usable cups and other recyclable pieces of office equipment to avoid pilling of wastes.

Develop an eco-entrepreneur mindset among Business’ stakeholders.

Businesses should create climatic change awareness among clients, employees, and consumers. Companies should organize awareness campaigns and involve all employees. Such efforts will create a mindset among stakeholders that will ensure that they do not pollute the environment even while at home.

Optimization of employees’ transportation.

Most employees will advocate traveling to work using their private means, increasing their vehicles’ rate of carbon emission. Educating employees on the benefits of using public means to travel to and from work will reduce their vehicles’ movements, reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The more cars we have on our roads, the more carbon dioxide emissions contribute to adverse climate change.

Advocate for eco-friendly ways of working.

Businesses should design and adopt eco-friendly ways of working. Companies should adopt video conferencing to discourage employees from traveling by car to meet clients. Such a move will ensure there is limited carbon emission to the environment. Businesses can also avoid paperwork to minimize paper waste disposal to the environment. Adopting technology, such as the use of emails and Ms. Words, can reduce paperwork.

Businesses can play a very significant role in reducing climatic change. It will require every individual’s contribution to avoid a worse climate change catastrophe in the future.