Social media and SEO “gurus” like to declare blogging to be dead all the time, but a well-maintained blog can still be a powerful tool for your business. If you haven’t decided to start a blog for your own business, here are a few reasons why you’re missing out.

Boosting Traffic
Boosting traffic is one of the most significant advantages of having a blog for your business. Most business blogs are separate from their business’s main website; it’s often on its own page on the business’s site. This translates into more traffic for your business, and that’s not taking into account how much traffic you’ll receive based on the content of your blog. As long as you are creating content and posting regularly, what you have to say will attract readers, even those who might not learn about your business otherwise.

Establishing Yourself as an Expert
Even though your blog should be driving traffic to your website, its real value lies in the chance it gives you to keep your clients informed about your industry. If you have something valuable and informative to say, it will make you look like a bigger authority within your industry. You don’t even have to write posts that reference your business directly; simply being in the know will be enough to attract new business and reassure your existing customers.

Building a Community
As you write new blog posts and attract new readers, a community will slowly build around your brand. Those who come to your blog might only start out as readers with no intention of becoming clients, but they will tell others about what they’ve read on your blog. They might share your posts on social media, post links to them on their own blogs, and otherwise turn your new business blog into a valuable part of the blogosphere. Again, not all of your new readers will become clients of your business, but they will still spread the word on what you have to offer.

Even though social media seems to get most of the attention when it comes to search engine optimization, business blogs still have a lot of value. It also costs very little to get a blog up and running, and as long as you keep posting in it, it will pay off for you and your business in the long run.