The Covid-19 pandemic has forced people in virtually every walk of life to rethink how we function as a society. People who commuted to work worked a regular shift, and then went home to their families are now figuring out how to do their daily job duties from home. As a leader in any company, you must figure out how to continue to nurture the sense of community within your organization while people are experiencing a never before seen level of personal isolation. People have long opted to work from home, today that choice has been taken away, and people still have the innate need to be a part of a community. How do you foster a sense of community in the workplace during this time of isolation?

Take Advantage of Technology
Now more than ever, business leaders need to take advantage of the digital meeting technologies available. Being able to conduct face-to-face meetings from home offices is a vital step for people to feel like they’re a part of something. While “social distancing” has become a hot new word in everyone’s vocabulary, it’s vital for the mental health of your team that we don’t let social distancing turn into social isolation.

One-on-One Time
While it’s a great idea to have regular team meetings with everyone present on an audio/video platform, if you’re a leader, take the time every day to reach out to at least one team member individually. Don’t just shoot off an e-mail or a text message, reach out to someone on your team every day through video chat. While it’s OK to check up on work-related projects, take some time to check on the individual on the other end of the conversation.

Create a Culture of Communication
If your people are going to be working from home, they must have access to what they need. People are encouraged not to go to stores for non-essential items, and many areas have closed every store that isn’t a grocery store. Ensure your team knows that they can let you know what they need, and the need will be addressed quickly and safely.