Everyone needs a New Year’s resolution, including businesses. New Year’s resolutions grant focus for the coming year. Setting New Year’s resolutions for a business requires reflection and foresight. Where should the business be in a year or more? A business wants to make a bigger profit every year, but every (good) company has additional goals.

A resolution could be as broad as making an effort to keep learning new things or keep up with trends. Knowledge never goes out of style. The admittance that there’s still plenty to learn somehow makes it easier to set realistic goals (another good resolution). Goal setting needs to be a realistic experience, but the goals should also be measurable. Standards for success helps keep people on track.

Another broad goal concerns being more involved with the business. Business planning is very involved, but many businesses view it as done so long as there is an in-tact business plan. Business planning has a greater impact when it’s a weekly thing. A resolution could be to do weekly business planning.

Maybe a business wants to get more involved with the community now that they have something to give back. Business people could donate money, volunteer time, or become mentors. Another resolution idea is to join a different kind of community, like a networking group that can broaden contact pools. Joining a business organization is another option. Each opportunity can shine some light on how to do better business.

Work can be wearisome, and some businesses aren’t good at delegating responsibility. Often times, someone is swamped with doing the bulk of the work and run the risk of burning out. They could feel obligated to keep working so hard, or maybe scheduling personal time just isn’t their strong suit. The business could reassign some of the workload or hire someone new. New people could even add something to the team.

Any business can make a few goals, but one that turns becomes more successful meets those goals. Everything that isn’t working needs to be called into question. Some things need to be revised, and some things simply need to be let go. Resolutions are about making change, and it’s time to make one that will make a difference.