Productivity is one of the most important elements in today’s business world. It has become vital that employees are as productive as possible, and many companies have turned to software solutions that help them stay on top of their game. However, some tasks can only be accomplished by a person doing them manually, so these productivity apps should not replace real work. We will look at the four best productivity apps for you to download and start using right now.


1) Producteev

Producteev is an app created by the same people who made Trello, and it allows users to create different projects for themselves. Each project can be divided into tasks that will show up on your mobile device each morning, with a notification reminding you of what needs to get done today. This ensures that no one forgets about any of the things they need to do, and it also ensures that you can keep track of all your tasks.


2) Todoist

Todoist is yet another popular app that allows you to create projects for yourself and then set daily tasks that need doing. It also offers integration with Gmail so you can turn emails into tasks in the blink of an eye – it will even give your task a due date if one was attached to the email! This means you can never forget to follow up on an email again, and it will also help you prove that you did your work if your boss is asking for proof.


3) TeuxDeux

TeuxDeux is the only app on this list that does not have a cloud platform, but it can be accessed via their website. This means that you will need to use your computer or tablet to keep track of everything – however, if you work best when offline, this could be better for you. TeuxDeux’s main selling point is that it allows you to create a simple list of all the things that need doing today, and then they will show up on your desktop or mobile device each morning with a notification reminding you what needs doing.


4) Google Keep

While many people think of Evernote when they hear the word ‘note-taking’, another app in the same family has a lot to offer users. This is called Google Keep, and it allows you to create quick notes with lists that are integrated into your device’s reminders system, so you never forget anything again.