When you think of grit, a tough cowboy from the old west might come to mind. Though the cowboys on the screen demonstrated grit, it’s more than just a tough guy act. It’s about the approach a person takes to life.

Grit is defined as a personality trait based on a person’s resilience and perspective. It is made up of many factors that can determine an individual’s success. Here are the top five qualities of grit and why they matter for success.

Perseverance and resilience or “I can and will make it through this.”

When faced with a dilemma, they don’t shy away from it. Instead, they move through it by finding an effective solution. Commitments and goals matter to those who have grit. No matter how tough the task, they don’t give up and will muster the strength to accomplish their goals.

Growth from failure or “I can learn from this.”

Challenges can make or break us, and success depends on what we learn from the experience. Those individuals who have grit can meet challenges and still push on. They understand that stumbling along the way, is a part of the process. If they fail, it doesn’t define them. Instead, it is a learning experience that continues to build their character.

Optimism over pessimism or “I don’t sweat the small stuff.”

People with grit don’t complain much or at all. Instead, they view the world realistically and don’t let small things negatively affect their attitude. They deal with unpleasant emotions in a rational way, putting them aside, so they don’t distract from what’s truly important.

Goal-oriented or “I will see this through to the end.”

Each task or project that a person with grit starts will be completed. They will focus on the problem and find a solution, no matter how hard or long it takes. They see that the time and effort are worth the benefit of completion, which allows them to see things through.

Can grit be learned or developed?

It’s possible to develop grit if you feel you don’t have it. These are all traits that can be learned through practice. Grit is a flexible way of thinking that goes against the fixed mindset. So, you can adopt this way of thinking to benefit many aspects of your life.

As you can see, grit is composed of positive traits that people use to push through the tough times. It’s a balance of perspective and endurance, traits that can be practiced and developed. Having grit is an admirable trait and a key to a life of success as a growth mindset.